Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All in the Family

Mother ( I think she's pregnant again)

Son or Daughter

Family reunion

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Debra said...

Hi Elisa,
These guys are so cute!
I used to work for a book seller whose wife and friends were from Sao Paulo. That was years ago. So in a way I have a connection to your family, and that must be why God got us together!
I had to brush up on my Spanish from high school when I worked there,(it was and IS very poor, but there was no point in any one teaching me Portugese, with all the other duties I had!) But I wish I knew the language. It's beautiful.
Take care, and let me know when you find out what the tree is. Debra
P.S. (We had lots of Spanish speaking customers at my place of work, and I was the one who answered the phone! Just don't ask me to speak it now!)