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A Light at The End of The Tunnel 2

I lost my job 3 weeks ago. This is why I have time to spend in a blog.
Happened right after I say no to a better job offer. The place where I was working actually ask me to stay, after I handle my 2 weeks notice to the owner of the company. They gave me a raise, and told me how happy they were for my good work. Four weeks later, I stop in the Administrator office for a relaxing conversation. She told me (in a very calm manner):
- Oh! Good that you are here. I need to talk with you.
And I, very relaxed ask her:
- What do you need?
She said:
- I need to tell you, that I have to lay you off. You now, the economy is bad, bad times.

I was so in shock, that I didn't said to much, just handle my set of keys, ask her if I should leave in that very moment, and walk to my office took the little things that I have there (I don't bring nothing to my job, just couple favorite pens, coffee mug, hand lotion, that's it) ..... and left.
Today 3 weeks later, I am searching for a job in the Internet and, boom! the job that I refuse the offer is open again.

Uma Luz No Fim Do Tunel

It doesn't
goes away.

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Same old s.........

to say.

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Primeiro dia

Nada Para Falar

Bello senz'anima.
Photo by Greg M.