Friday, August 15, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saturday Morning at the Eldorado Mall - Sao Paulo, Brazil With My Very Good Friend Miyuki

Recipe for very good times

1/2 cup of Espresso Coffee (not too strong)
Whipped Cream the real heavy one (Chantilly)

Make a espresso coffee

Put sugar in a tea size cup (never use a coffee mug)
Put less sugar than usually you will use for a black coffee

Add the espresso coffee

and finally add the whipped Cream

Find a nice spot to seat, call your best friend and enjoy your coffee.

Bacon com Requeijao
Pao de batata com requeijao

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't You Love Cats

I love cats.
Cats are funny, easy to take care, and each one has a unique personality.

My female cat Princess (a.k.a Linda, Baby Cakes, Beautiful, Slow Motion, Fluffy, and Love of My Life) never meows. If, she’s hungry, she will seat close to her bowl for hours, looking at the bowl and looking at me, without a word (meow). She will stare at me and I can feel the power of her eyes on me. She does the same eye penetration technique to wake me up, and when she wants to go out on the porch, she stares the door knob of the entrance door and stares at me ‘til I open the door for her.
Her speed walking is half mile a day, slow, very slow with several stops almost like someone call her but she isn’t quite sure if happened. She stops, turn her head to a direction, (thinks to herself – “I guess was my imagination, no one call me….”) and go back to her turtle speed. But, when she is in the mood for play; she can run at 200 miles an hour, especially after go to the bathroom for a #2, or when she escapes to the yard. And that’s one of the reasons why she is not allowed to go out anymore; she isn’t scare of anything, and she has a killer instinct that birds and lizards are not safe when she is around. She’s is allowed to go only in the porch.
Don’t take me wrong she is a sweet heart, she helps Josh with his daily hygiene, leaking his ears and head; thing that Josh refuses to do it for her.
She likes to lie down for naps in dad’s chest. She is 13 years old.

My male cat Joshua (a.k.a Josh, Bubba, Handsome and Love of My Life), has a personality totally different from Princess personality. He’s a talker. He will let you know if he is hungry (he wakes me up, screaming from the top of his lungs). He is a fast speed walker (he rarely runs, he walks fast). He is left hand, and very social type of guy (comes to say hi to everyone that visit us) and rubs in everyone’s legs.
He lost 2 of his 9 lives years ago, and is losing a 3rd one now.
One he lost, when he got shot with a kid’s neighbor BB gun, he was bleeding under my bed for 2 days, and I didn’t know where he was until my 6th sense direct me to look there.
The second life lost was because of kidney stones. The vet called me saying that was nothing else to be done, that Josh was dying. He was refusing food and water (cats will kill their selves, if they are very sick). I brought him home (that alone helped, because he probably thought that I was abandoning him at the veterinarian place); I then shoved small portions of raw ground beef in to his mouth until he start eats on his own. This was 10 years ago.
His 3rd battle is with a disease that the vets can’t recognize. After several tests and X-rays, they say that he is healthy, but he vomits blood. So, I’m trying different brands of food (he has constipation too), and I giving to him small portions of raw liver for the anemia, his tongue is getting more pink color so I guess is working out well. But, he is too skinny now. So, I’m over feeding him waking him up at every hour or two to make him eat some dry food. He eats, that’s another good sign.
He loves my backyard. He stays there for hours, alternating the places where he takes naps. He doesn’t bother the birds, neither lizards nor squirrels, like I said he is very social and …vocal. He is 12 1/2 years old.

I was looking a blog that have a link to this web site Cats in Sinks. It’s a very cute web site with tons of pictures of cats in sinks. Click in the button at the bottom of the picture for more cat pics.

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