Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saturday Morning at the Eldorado Mall - Sao Paulo, Brazil With My Very Good Friend Miyuki

Recipe for very good times

1/2 cup of Espresso Coffee (not too strong)
Whipped Cream the real heavy one (Chantilly)

Make a espresso coffee

Put sugar in a tea size cup (never use a coffee mug)
Put less sugar than usually you will use for a black coffee

Add the espresso coffee

and finally add the whipped Cream

Find a nice spot to seat, call your best friend and enjoy your coffee.

Bacon com Requeijao
Pao de batata com requeijao


kat said...

hey, thanks for your comment! I'm glad you're reading :) Also, that coffee looks really really good.

Debra said...

I've got to get some coffee! Right now!!!
Love, Debra

Debra said...

I left a comment on my blog for you, but I'm fine, and thanks for asking!
Just taking a blog break-which is not normal for me, I know!
Love, Debra