Sunday, July 27, 2008

Running Man in a Gorgeous Sunday Sky

I was waiting in the porch for Greg to bring me a Dunkin' Donuts coffee, and that cloud was the only one in the sky. I'm looking at the cloud and thinking that looks like a man running. It was too early to my brain properly functioning, took me couple of minutes to get the camera and shoot the picture. Still looks like a man running but was more intense before.

Thanks for the coffee Greg.


Can someone help me answering this question?
I don't know what kind of tree is this tree that is driving me crazy.


Debra said...

It looks like a fig tree. Since I sure don't live in your climate, I'm only guessing.

The cloud-man was neat!

Me said...

Thank you Debra.
I'm researching in the Internet (at least know I can type fig tree species) and I'm getting some results. Thanks