Saturday, September 20, 2008

Question of The Day.

An opossum is living in my shed.
I left in the shed a bag of lawn fertilizer, in the next day the bag was open (chewed) fertilizer all over, I could see that an animal did that.
Today, early morning Greg when outside and that he was; an opossum eating the fertilizer!!!!!!
Seems like he likes the "food".

Question: Did anyone know the consequences of a fertilizer meal in an animal body?
Is he going to get bigger, hairy, or poison?


The Caretaker said...

If it's a truly natural fertilizer the animal will probably be okay; if it is a chemical fertilizer it wil probably kill the animal with continued consumption.

Debra said...

Sometimes animals go for the salt that's in that stuff. Deer will eat it too. Don't let the cats near it.
Love, Debra

mjomesa said...

hmmm.. if it's an organic fertilizer then it won't do any harm except indigestion...hehhee..but if it's an inorganic one then he's eating his way to death..

Me said...

He will not eat again because I spread the fertilizer all over my lawn.
I'm worring about it, I love opossums.
Josh is a little upset because we didn't let him outside today. Just in case.


jkandjc said...

yeah...packaging design is a passion for me. it can be an obsession almost :P

Me said...

I agree. Like I said before I can buy things just because of the packing, useless things but.... if the packing is attractive and well design, I will buy.


Anonymous said...

Que ele não se transforme em um opossum gigante ;o)

Passei aqui para visitar você.

Um abraço e feliz 2009!