Sunday, July 6, 2008

Time for A Change

Ok, I totally agree that the blog is going down on the drain.
I'm lacking in enthusiasm.
Reviewing past posts I realize how the whole purpose of this blog got lost in some point in time. It’s a must for me to search for the roots of my blog. I’m taking some time off from posting and hopefully I will get back on the track.
See ya.

By the way, some old photos to reminde myself of the good times.


Anonymous said...

ainda e' muito bom acordar de manha e olhar suas fotos novas ou antigas. o fato que mudou nao e'
pra mim ruim mas acho que perdeu um pouco do eueueu e entrou no contexto. eu prefiro voce pura e simples. muito amor da sua irma.

Gemma Capdevila said...

thank you!

beautiful like your pictures
me gustan