Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some Very Good News

Josh is doing much better with the medication that I have to harass the vet to give to him, so we decided to throw away his "bucket list".

Josh's Bucket List

  • Take a long nap under the deck
  • At least one more fight with the neighbors cat

  • Take a very long nap on mom's favorite black pants
  • Scratch and open every close door in the house
  • Take an endless nap in mom's white clean linen (inside the linen closet, of course)
  • Meow like no tomorrow when mom open the can food, and smell the food and eat nothing
  • Take a little nap on mom's pillow
  • Hunt for one more lizard before I die






Love you Bubba


For The People said...

Oh, that is cute. Makes me sad though. My dog died friday!

Me said...

Sorry for your dog. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Josh is adorable. He should have a page on Catster! I hope he continues to do well on his medication.