Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ducks Don't Eat Apples

Last week coming back from the Gym, I arrived to my sister’s condominium where the usual dozen of ducks were in front of her apartment, waiting for the afternoon meal that she provides.
I had in my hands what was left from an apple that I ate (I always carry in my bag an apple to eat after exercise) and looking those very famished ducks coming towards me and quacking for food, I decided that will be a great idea throw the leftover apple to the ducks, so I did.
The bigger one (his name is Sergeant) runs towards the apple, grabbed and spitted back immediately. My sister came out; figured that he don’t want the apple because was too big. So, she went inside and got a knife, came out and cut the leftover apple in small pieces, throwing the pieces for the ducks.
They all run to grabbed a piece, and with the same reaction that Sergeant has spitted right back to us. I swear!!! Every duck were looking at us, quacking at us (probably cursing at us) with a question mark in their faces. Why apple? Don’t you know that ducks don’t eat apples?
Anyone knows why?
Photo by Richard S.

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